Every day more and more children in South Africa are born with Autism.

Cullen was born 15 September 2006...

Children with Autism dont show emotion, dont make eye contact, dont play, dont interact, often have problems with Speech and fine motor control...

Cullen continues to challenge himself and conquer all of this...


Follow our journey, our challenge, our triumph, our lives...

Monday, 16 July 2012


You know sometimes it feels as if my BRAIN although in perfect working on a TIME OUT!!!

Today is back to school for my Horsie and boy can I just say (me being the one who worked the entire 3 weeks...and not the one who looked after the beautiful babes...but one who can sympathise...cause my mama did the bulk of the "watching" as well as a few angel Yvonnie and Sam!) WE ARE GLAD ITS BACK TO SCHOOL...

so much so in fact...that me MAMMA BEAR...Gallantly dressed ladybug got her up in this freeeezing all our goods, with flower pot and breakfast on the run in tow...and we rushed through the traffic to get to school...I even sent teacher Lauren a whats say we were a bit late...only for the CRASHING DOWN OF THAT BACK TO SCHOOL FEELING...

This is her message back (teacher Lauren) "Shame...she will have to wait TOMORROW to see her friends...because school starts tomorrow!!"

Try explaining to the most excited family member of the family...that in fact Mommy's brain is MUMBO JUMBO and in fact there is NO SCHOOL TODAY!!!

What follows is the biggest crocodile tears, sad face and the following words from ladybug...
"my heart is sore and paining!"
OMG!!! Aweful mother!!!! Keep trying to tell her mommies make mistakes and have accidents too..

SO We will do the BACK TO SCHOOL Run all over again for Ladybug cause hers actually ONLY STARTS Tomorrow!!!!!

Reading the Health Intelligence magazine last night...makes me realise i may just need some of those Powerful Omega 3's to boost this brain...try get out of the muddle I am in!

Have a beautiful mumbo jumbo free day all!
Time to start exercising this brain again! Sorry my baby Ladybug!

Friday, 6 July 2012

OH WHAT A NIGHT....and DAY!!!!!

What a GOLF DAY!!!!!!

Every single angel brought us closer to our dream...
Potty trained, talking, functional beautiful boy!!!

We had such great fun and raised awareness and hope all in one day and night!!!

Watch this space for photies!

THANK AGAIN to the following major sponsors:

Estelle, Jine and Eugene and all you guys at Ruimsig Branch

                                           Thank you to Clayton Taylor from Fourways Trellidor

A huge THANK YOU to Wayne and Graham from Le Morgan! You have been absolute angels!!

# cheers for Jono and DOM!! Head office Mikes and Mikes Florida Glen just Off Gordon Road Roodepoort!!!
You guys are AMAZING!!!!!

Thank you to Samsung Head Office Bryanston Rego Lee and Co for your sponsorship and support!

 On Course Golf Promotions - To Tobie and Dawie your support this year was great! Thanks again!

  To dear Simon who worked his magic again and got the guys at Husqvarna to donate HUGE cooler boxes! They were a HIT!!! Thanks again Balders!!!

Any to all the guys who donated, sponsored holes, helped out, participated!!!
YOU ALL ROCK in our EYES!!!!

Lotsa love and light from our hearts to yours!!!


Sunday, 1 July 2012

2 sleepies

We are JUST 2 sleepies away from Horsie's SECOND ANNUAL Golf day...
Let me tell you not any LESS stressful! But the people, the angels who have donated their time, their skills,
their donations and prizes, and sometimes just donated a smile...makes it worth it.

TODAY this family spent most of the day packing goodie bags, wrapping prizes, working on power point presentations...doing wrap up...AMONGST the "NORMAL" weekend stuff like...

Our Horsie has suddenly discovered what  A TAP is all about...

So WE showered 5 times today (Who needs to save water right?????)
We also washed HANDS (Belly face hands feet basically all over) SEVERAL TIMES...
WHY? Because HORSIE is obsessed at the moment with water.

It soothes occupies him and he LOVES IT!!!

So now we back to frikken locking everything - we jail ourselves out of everything...
Our fridge
Our pantry
our bedrooms
and NOW our bathrooms...
Hubby wants to invent a SHOWER LOCK??? I mean really...thats what excites us - the thought of a unqiue shower lock so our Horsie can stop being obessive and compulsive about this SHOWERING THING!!!

A sweet friend sent the picture above...
and its funny how in the angel in heaven can still find a way to let me know he is here,
with me always...and I thank GOD for prayer and CALMETS!!!!!!!!

2 days
2 sleeps
2nd golf day coming up!!!!!

Wish us Luck


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